Strong growth in demand for broadband connectivity worldwide requires satellite operators to enhance the availability and flexibility of bandwidth delivered by satellites. SWISSto12's expertise and revolutionary technology disrupts bandwidth and performance of satellite communications. Its 3D printing of innovative components allow for extreme system performance and weight reduction, which in turn allows for more payload capability on-board a satellite.

One flagship product family is SWISSto12’s antenna arrays used both for electronically steerable beams as well as multi-beam high throughput missions. These antenna products are complemented with an offering of short lead time and high performance on demand waveguides as well as filters. Using advanced materials, such as lightweight polymers or Aluminium or Invar, SWISSto12 can offer optimised balance between performance and weight depending on customer requirements.

SWISSto12's technology is also ideally suited for satellite constellations, where the requirements of size, weight, performance and large series production capacity are vital to enable new business models sought by constellation operators. SWISSto12 offers space qualified products with flight heritage as of 2018.


With constantly improving communication capabilities of satellites comes increasing demand for constant access to those satellite services. Millions of passengers flying every day develop a strong demand for in-flight internet connectivity that can only be delivered through satellite connections. SWISSto12 has developed specific components for airborne satellite user terminals, like its revolutionary Ku and Ka band antenna arrays. These products show strongly improved performance capabilities at only a fraction of the weight when compared to state of the art products. The promise for connection everywhere, all the time and for everyone comes closer to reality.



SWISSto12’s engineers and technology capabilities provide state-of-the-art and ever innovating solutions for the use of Radio Frequencies in industry. For Antennas, filters, waveguides, integrated sub-systems and systems, SWISSto12 has developed a reputation for smart, custom and competitive solutions. Using designs and materials whose manufacturing use is only made possible through its unique 3D printing technology, SWISSto12 can provide your projects with the necessary answers to almost every challenge.


SWISSto12’s engineers and long-standing know-how in the fields of radio frequency and terahertz also serves Test & Measurement applications. Research centres across the world trust SWISSto12 with demanding assignments that shape technological advancement. SWISSto12 offers state-of-the art test devices, such as its Material Characterization Kits or calibration standards to enable new testing capabilities.